How to Throw a Memorable and Fun Baby Shower

Gorgeous Friends having a baby-partyWhen you’re away from home at a place like Ramstein Air Force Base, it can seem impossible to throw a memorable and fun baby shower, since you don’t know the traditions or what options are available to you. What you will find, though, when you do some research, is that it is just as easy to throw a memorable baby shower at Rammstein as it is back home Stateside. You just have to follow some simple tips, and throw in some Deutschland flair.

First of all, send creative invitations. The invite to the baby shower is the first impression your guests will have of the shower, so you should take your invitations stand out with fun colors and designs. You can buy the cards or, for a more individualized touch, make them yourself. The creative invitation will also prompt your guests to bring more original and individual baby gifts to the shower! Just be sure to ask the mom-to-be if she has any preferences on what the invitations should look like, or if she likes the ones you have chosen.

Second, decorate subtly. You don’t need a bunch of clutter decorating the baby shower; that will actually make the memories worse rather than better! Try to use vases with inexpensive flowers or baby’s breath for a simple touch, and think about some centralized focal point to get your theme across, like a dessert bar or drink station.

Next, make sure you provide snacks for the health-conscious. Many people are trying to eat healthier, so include some fruits and veggies along with the brownie bites and chocolates. You should also remember to provide a variety of beverages beyond just coffee, tea, and water. Perhaps a signature punch or drink for the party, preferably non-alcoholic.

Make sure you pick out a variety of baby shower games and activities. This way, if one of your games is a bust, you can mix things up and provide some excitement to the afternoon or evening. Choose games that speak to different strengths and weaknesses, so everybody has a chance to win.

Save money without looking cheap. This goes for your decorations, your serving dishes, and even your gifts. Using regular dishes instead of disposable dishes might mean a longer cleanup, but it will also result in a more intimate occasion and a cost savings on purchasing the disposable dishes. For the central gift of the party, a handmade German diaper bag, called a Wickeltasche, can be an excellent choice that does not cost an arm and a leg but still impresses the mom-to-be and other guests with its thoughtfulness and beauty.

Above all else, make the baby shower fun. Nobody comes to a baby shower to be bored or depressed, they come to have fun showering the mother-to-be with love and affection. Make the occasion as inviting as possible, and your baby shower will be sure to be remembered for years to come. Even as far away from home as Rammstein, you can still have a fun and memorable baby shower that everyone loves to remember.

For more gift ideas for mothers to be and babies visit:


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